What is WorkAssist?

When your staff are experiencing difficulty performing to their best ability, it can be difficult to know how to support them, whilst maintaining business efficiency. Work Assist is a free service for employers with staff affected by injury, illness, disability or a mental health condition.

Partnering with the Australian Government's Job Access program, Castle's Work Assist service can provide essential services and ongoing support to employers and eligible employees, who identify challenges in the workplace.

Castle's dedicated Employment Support Managers have experience working with a wide variety of health conditions, injuries and disabilities, including;

  • neck, back, shoulder, knee and leg injuries

  • cancers, chronic pain, diabetes and other temporary, episodic, degenerative or remissive illnesses

  • mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety

Recruitment and training can be costly and time-consuming, so it makes good business sense to support your most experienced and skilled employees, instead of losing valuable talent. ​ At no cost to you, Castle's Employment Support team will work directly with you and your employee to develop a plan tailored to your individual circumstances, to return them to, or improve, their productivity. ​

If your employee's job is at risk, talk to our team about helping keep your best people in work.

Call 1300 817 917 or visit castle.org.au/work-assist to find out more.