3 FREE upskilling opportunities available right now

Whether you are looking to pivot in new career direction, move up from a current role or get started in the job hunt, upskilling is a great place to start.


Upskilling not only improves your skills and abilities for the changing job market, it also shows to recruiters your enthusiasm to learn and adapt. Completed or ongoing courses, professional development, certificates and qualifications look great on a resumé.


There are many ways to upskill, both formal and informal, and the best part is that it can cost very little, or nothing at all.

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Free online courses

MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, are free online courses offered by top universities and training platforms from around the world. There are no entry requirements for the hundreds of free and low-cost short courses available to choose from, in fields ranging from broad subject areas to task specific skills, and everything in between.

Although online courses generally do not offer certified qualifications, they are a great chance to experience a subject area before committing to more formal study.


Some leading providers include:


Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training.
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Future Learn

Future Learn partners with universities from around the world to deliver online courses and degrees, and offers a free 2-week trial to give a taste of what is has to offer.Future Learn logo

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of video courses taught by experts and professionals, across business, creative and technical subject areas.

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 Plus many more...

Tip: Most paid platforms include an option for a free trial!


Subsidised TAFE courses


For a more formal style of training, consider enrolling in a tertiary course at a university or TAFE. 1c6813_5b2870da545e460f90b6880f16ec3173~mv2Eligible students can receive fully subsidised qualifications through TAFE thanks to a number of Government programs.

Courses from over 20 different fields, both short and long, have been identified by the Government as growth areas for skills and jobs in demand, as part of the JobTrainer program. Including:

  • Automotive

  • Building, Construction, Engineering

  • Business and Accounting

  • Animal Care, Agriculture and Horticulture

  • Health Care, Nursing and Community Services

  • Fashion, Textiles, Art & Design

  • IT, Communications, Telecommunications + many more

Job Trainer banner logo read, Skills that Work. Right Skills, Right Now. Fee-Free Jobtrainer courses

Search for the full list of available courses at the My Skills website


Government programs are also subsidising traineeships, apprenticeships, mature age scholarships, women in business and foundation skills training.


Internal Opportunties


Finding a job in 2021 doesn't necessarily mean leaving your current workplace.

 If you're currently working, your employer may already have opportunities for professional development and career progression in place for staff.

These may include:

  • subscriptions to training resources

  • internal promotion processes and career mapping

  • opportunities to experience a new variety of tasks

  • employer supported external study

A conversation with your human resources team or direct manager about upskilling doesn't need to be awkward. Remember; it can be of as much benefit to them as it is for you!