Achieve your Goals

June is only a few days away and man, what a year it’s been. We’ve faced devastating fires, floods and a global health crisis. With all the commotion happening around us it’s easy to lose sight of our own goals. What did you set out to achieve this year? If you’re struggling to accomplish your goals, then talk to the team at Castle. Our dedicated case managers will help you define your goals, create a SMART plan that will see you on the path to success.


Why do we set goals? Goals give us direction in life, allowing us to focus on working towards something meaningful. You may want to learn a new skill, get a job, or a promotion or you might not have a clue what you want. Your Castle case manager is trained in the art of listening, helping you unravel WHAT you want to achieve. Defining your goals gets the ball rolling but how do you get to the end game?


We believe in SMART goals. They should be






You might want to “earn money”, but with Castle’s help, you can make that goal SMART. After a little digging, your case manager can transform that simple goal into “I want to gain a part-time job as a receptionist before the end of the year”. That clarity will help you create your step-by-step plan.


Whether your goal is simple or complex, you need a plan. Let’s take our SMART goal above for example. First, you need to reflect on what you need to achieve this goal. It may be training in the industry, work experience, a uniform and a fresh resume to help you stand out against the competition. Your Castle case manager will help you tackle each small step and get you closer to smashing your goal.


Without accountability, your goal is just a scribble on a piece of paper. Who will you choose to motivate you towards your end goal? When you choose Castle, you choose support every step of the way. Your case manager will regularly check in with you, helping you overcome obstacles and focus on the bigger picture. We believe in celebrating the wins, whether they’re as small as submitting your DES application or as big as scoring your dream job.

There’s still plenty of time to turn 2020 around and smash those New Year’s resolutions. Talk to our team on 1300 817 917 or reach out at to find out what you can achieve with Castle.