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"So yeah, one step at a time and I love achieving my goals, learning new skills."

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Julie Clifton: I thought I might as well have a go and see how I go.

Interviewer: Why do you need support from Castle?
Julie Clifton: I've got intellectual disability and sometimes the information's a bit slow to understand but I like learning new skills, helping people. Like I did an Intro to Peer Support, Mentoring. Then I did a deaf blind awareness group where we was doing sign language and going communicate with the blind and deaf people. 
Interviewer: Why are you passionate about sign language? 
Julie Clifton: Try and communicating the deaf community and socialise with people that's deaf.
Interviewer: Are you deaf? 
Julie Clifton: I got a hearing impairment. Usually have my hearing aids in but had my ears perforated last week so they still getting better.
Interviewer: Can you hear me well?
Julie Clifton: I'm just doing facial expressions? That's how I communicate when my hearing goes flat and yeah.
Interviewer: What are you looking forward to?
Julie Clifton: I'm learning Certificate 2 in Auslan which starts next week. Hopefully I will go well with it 'cause I did the Intro to Auslan last year which I stood up in front of 20 people which I never done before. So yeah, one step at a time and I love achieving my goals, learning new skills.