Dare to Ask | Finding work with autism

There's always a place for everyone. It took me a bit, but I did find my place. I feel I belong. 
Full episode transcripts here:
Ike Facey: I am looking directly at camera. I usually... cause of my autism, I don't look at people when I'm talking. My name's Ike Facey, I'm 21. I work for Lovells Suspension Systems and I've been there for, I'd say over 10 months now.
Interviewer: Did you say you have autism?
Ike Facey: Yes, autism and cerebral palsy left side hemiplegia. So my right and left arm doesn't have a much muscle as the right does.
Interviewer: Does that makes it hard to do interviews like this?
Ike Facey:  It's hard to focus on something when you've got something distracting you. I'd say that's just all part of it, but we're here. We're doing this commercial.
Interviewer: Do you get sensory overload?
Ike Facey: Yeah. I don't like crowds, but I can handle V8, rotaries all those loud engine noises, 'cause it's soothing to me. But I can't handle large crowds and just noises that you see in day-to-day life. I don't feel comfortable.
Interviewer: Does that mean job interviews are hard?
Ike Facey: Yeah. Well nerve wracking. One of them I was like, oh I can't do this. Sorry guys I'm out. Anxiety got there. I really get overwhelmed and the pressure just gets to me but then sometimes you learn from the interviews that you fail at to go into the next interview to go. I can be better than that.
Interviewer: Did you feel supported by Castle?
Ike Facey: Of course, they do not give up on you. They all adapt to the situation and make everything easy.
Interviewer: Were you worried about anything once you did get hired?
Ike Facey: Not being fast enough and not being as able-body and being on time. And just try on to do stuff as same as someone that's got able body.
Interviewer: And how do you overcome those sort of challenges?
Ike Facey: I ignore it. I do just to the best I can. The boss is happy. We good.
Interviewer: What does having a job give you?
Ike Facey: Money. Like everything. Keeping me on the road with my motorbikes. Saving up for cars and stuff I guess and feeding my cat, cat Jerry. Good cat.
Interviewer: What would you say to employers that are unsure about hiring someone with disability?
Ike Facey: Give us a chance, really, I would say. Give people like us more of a chance. It will make your workplace a lot more brighter. Just give us a chance. It's not hard. It's easy to do. Stop discriminating. Get us in there.
Interviewer: What's your message for other people who might need support?
Ike Facey: There's always hope. There's someone out there that will help you. There's always a place for everyone. It took me a bit, but I did find my place. I feel I belong. I feel I belong in this city. I belong in my job. I belong in this whole community.