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The person who usually gets me so brave, is Sam Burns. The really cool, cool guy who supports me all the way.

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Riley Briggs: The welcome of Castle, goes just like this. Welcome to the C-A-S-T-L-E. Castle!
Interviewer: When did you first get support from Castle?
Riley Briggs: The first year I started was in 2016. I was a little bit uncomfortable and uneasy to get along with everybody. But ever since I, ever since I learned from others like Christopher Bower's, who likes Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, he and I are starting to get along slowly. And then I found out some other guys at Castle, I got into different shows, like Power Rangers and they started to easily bond with me. But the most person who usually gets me so brave, is Sam Burns. The really cool, cool guy who supports me all the way.
Interviewer: What programs do you do at Castle? 
Riley Briggs: On Thursdays I started getting to the social day group and we sometimes go out for lunch. And on Fridays, back in the Castle building, we do this little thing called men's group where we had to talk about what we had to do in the future. And I also got with a Friday group to do some creative things and singing cause usually Friday groups is usually creative, where you had to make graffiti arts or podcasting, as well, in a movie. And sometimes, nearly at the end, we love to do a little bit of karaoke.
Interviewer: Do you get other support from Castle? 
Riley Briggs: Well support to get a job. Three years ago, I found a job somewhere in Lambton a place called Aruma. And last year ago, I was awarded employee of the month. And I was very honoured for that.
Interviewer: What would you say to someone who is nervous about seeking support?  
Riley Briggs: Well, sometimes I feel their vibes, even when they're nervous or a little bit worried. But sometimes I just usually walk up to them and see that they're nervous. And sometimes when their hands, a little shaky I sometimes put my calm one on first then put my other one and try and make them feel more comfortable that way, and to make them a little braver. And sometimes when people don't get along with new people around, I sometimes have to tell everyone that sometimes making new friends just takes a little time.