Jordan Celebrates his First Book

There is only joy for first-time author Jordan Lowe following the launch of his graphic novel Sorrow and Joy. The local 24-year-old shows that a disability is no barrier to success as he celebrates the official release of his book. 

As an author with high functioning autism, sharing this story was no easy feat. Jordan has been crafting the series’ plotline for 10 years, dedicating the completion of volume one to his mum. “She’s my main inspiration and my biggest fan, and my hardest critic,” he said. 

The anime-inspired novel is the first in an epic series of several planned volumes that follows Haruka Mantsu, a young Japanese nurse working in a devastating war. The Sorrow and Joy series was inspired by fellow anime author Hideo Kojima and early an introduction to storytelling by Jordan’s mum. 

Jordan Lowe new book MC 125

“My main goal is to make a story that people will remember, a story that people will keep and when they have children, they will pass it on to them as mum passed on The Hobbit to me,” said Jordan.

Jordan’s NDIS provider, Castle and ability coach Emma Upton supported his journey to becoming a published author. They helped him find a publisher and set up the official website where Jordan has already sold his first copy to an international buyer. Jordan attends Castle twice a week to gain life skills in setting goals, self-confidence and dealing with adversity. 

“At Castle, we strive to help our participants define and achieve their own goals. We’re proud to have been a part of turning Jordan’s vision into a reality,” said Castle's CEO, who purchased eight copies of the book to share with the company’s directors, family and friends in anticipation of Jordan’s future success. 

Humble about his achievement, Jordan offers wise advice to fellow Castle participants wishing to follow in his footsteps. “The first thing you need to have is an idea, an idea that you believe in and that you believe you can pass on to the next generation,” he said.

There’s no doubt that Jordan’s motivation, passion and ability to overcome adversity will earn him a spot on the bestseller’s list. You can order your copy of Sorrow and Joy at Booktopia

We're incredibly proud to support him in this achievement.