Sean's Success Story

He has progressed in his positivity, his self-worth and he has built so much confidence. He is progressing to full time employment and now has just purchased his NEW CAR!

seanlebreton-carI am beyond proud of Sean, and I know you guys will be too – Account Manager Amanda Winslade, from Castle’s Maitland branch.

Sean had so much anxiety around his old car breaking down, therefore, we met with a financial advisor who taught Sean easy ways of saving money. Sean is in PPS heading towards his 26-week outcome, he has come so far in his journey.

Sean hadn’t worked for in over 15 years and with the help of our team, he took a leap and started the ARA course in May. The ARA struggled to place Sean into work experience and it was our amazing supportive employer, 'Power Down' who partnered with us for Sean’s work experience. From then, he shone a new light.

We had some bumps on the way, but overcoming those bumps have brought us to this moment, and Sean was offered a casual position that progressed into part-time and now the employer has been working with CPSL and Sean to progress slowly into full-time work.

Sean has given a huge shout out to all those who have worked with him and behind the scenes to help him find his feet on his journey to employment.